My Talkative Toddler

My daughter just recently turned 2 and I’ve noticed that her vocabulary has expanded so much! It amazes me how well she can communicate! Hence, I am going to do what all good mothers do: brag about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

The first time this happened was right around when she started to walk, which was when she was almost a year old. Yes, perhaps she was was a late-bloomer in terms of bipedal mobility, but I had read a few studies and had heard from a few people that crawling is a very important stage of her development. Therefore, we didn’t push her to walk too soon. (If you click here, you can read an article that explains the importance of crawling.)

Anyhow, once she figured out how to stand and then walk, my husband and I noticed a huge amount of growth in the words she used. Aside from the typical Mama, Daddy, no, and bottle, she was also saying words like tick-tock (for clock), button, bubble, tree, doggy, elbow, all done, and oh dear!

Her most recent language explosion has made strangers and her pediatrician quite impressed. Emily sure is a talker! In a matter of weeks, she went from two-word sentences to now saying four or five-word sentences. For example, she started off saying, “Daddy bye-bye” to “Daddy go bye-bye work motorcycle.” That translates roughly to “Daddy went bye-bye to work on his motorcycle.” ย Just the other day she said, “Dinner please Mama yummy soup.” It was incredible!

She’s also getting better at repeating what we say and songs that either the babysitter or I sing to her. ย Unbeknownst to me, the babysitter had taught her a German song. When I heard Emily “singing” it, I initially thought it was babble; with a little bit of detective work (and explanation from the babysitter), we figured out that Emily was singing parts of the German tune.ย One of my favorite phrases, which she picked up from my mom, is “Oh golly!”

My favorite words to hear from her, of course, are “Lah loo Mama.” Translation: I love you Mama. ๐Ÿ™‚ Best words ever.

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