An Update from Karen

Many of you expressed your gratitude for including my friend’s guest post about her experiences with Postpartum Depression. If you missed it, you can find it in the Recent Posts located on the right. Karen’s got some BIG news to share with all of you and so she will be today’s guest blogger. Once again, I’d like to thank her for contributing to my blog. (Thanks Karen, you rock! Thanks for being such a dear friend!) Here’s the follow-up to her post:

That PPD Mom…where is she now?

Greetings!  As promised, I am passing along some vital information about perinatal mood disorders such as postpartum depression.  I cannot tell you how many days the website was my lifeline to cope through a rough morning or bout of anxiety.  The site is run by Katherine Stone, a ppd survivor, who relays current research about ppd, offers information about treatment, and publishes stories of courage written by women who have struggled with various kinds of perinatal mood disorders.  Her website is a major hub of resources, so it is there that I point you.  A few of my fave posts are linked below:


As for how I am doing personally, my family has hit a bump in the road of life—a baby bump!  I am expecting not one, but TWO babies this spring!  For those of you speculating right now, the answer is NO, it is not taboo, nor impossible, to have additional children after suffering from severe PPD.  Since the very moment I learned that another baby was on the way, I have been filled with such joy.  I don’t have to endure this pregnancy under the black cloud of depression because I halted its progression long ago.  I don’t have to fear a recurrence either, because I understand the signs, symptoms, and tendencies that can lead to depression and anxiety, and I have a circle of support to go through the journey with me.  Now the most I can do is to assemble troops of volunteers so that when I lose my mobility near the end of the pregnancy, and then finally bring two needy bundles home, I will have extra hands around to help with EVERYTHING from housework to infant care, to making sure that I actually get showers and leave the house once in a while.   

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