Mommyhood Lessons

My beautiful daughter will be turning two-years-old next month. I cannot believe how fast time has passed! One minute, I’m looking at my helpless newborn daughter as she softly murmurs in her sleep, and then the next minute, she’s running around the house, putting together two or three word sentences, and playing with her books and toys. Looking back over these past two years, I can say I’ve learned a thing or two that I’d like to share with you.

  • Always make sure to take a snack and at least one diaper on all outings!
  • Although they seem fragile, newborns are much easier to take care of than toddlers.
  • It never fails that the minute you walk out the door on your way to run errands or visit someone and you’ve just finished clicking the car seat’s harness is also the minute when baby decides to make a big poop in her diaper or spit up all over the front of her cute and carefully planned outfit.
  • You can lead your toddler to a toilet, but you can’t make her go pee or poo.
  • “Happy Hour” is when baby takes a nap!
  • It takes a certain amount of detective work to figure our what your toddler is saying sometimes.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to change a baby’s diaper in the trunk of the car, especially if a restroom with a baby changing station is no where to be found.
  • On more than one occasion when we were completely exhausted, my husband and I wished that Emily had stranger anxiety so certain people would leave us alone. If you’re going to visit a new mom, make sure you do something helpful, like wash her dishes or watch her baby so she can take a shower.
  • Board books frequently get chewed on if baby is teething.
  • Somehow, the moment you decide you’re not quite ready for another baby is when, all of a sudden, your friends announce they’re pregnant with their next baby.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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