1000 Views Giveaway!

Awesome! My blog has just received over 1000 views! Thank you to everyone out there for your views, likes, comments, and follows! Looks like it’s time for another giveaway!

This time, I have a $25 Target gift-card to give away to one lucky fan of my blog!  To enter, all you have to do is leave a positive or uplifting comment (here on my blog or on the Facebook update connected with this blog post) about anything you’d like to share with the other readers and me. While it won’t increase your odds of winning, it would be nice if you also clicked “Like” below and/or on the Facebook link. 😀

Open to anyone 18 years or older and a resident of the United States. Only one entry per person. Giveaway entries must be posted by Friday, July 26, 2013. The winner will be selected at random on Saturday, July 27, 2013. The winner will notified through Facebook or through email, so make sure I have your email address or that we’re Facebook friends. Good luck and thanks again for supporting my writing, photography, recipes, and adventures as a new mommy!

Much love,


4 thoughts on “1000 Views Giveaway!

  1. Woohoo!
    Nice quote. I love reading uplifting quotes to add some inspiration to my life. I often refer to this: “Stop trying to compete against everyone else. Don’t worry about what others are doing better than you. Concentrate on beating your own records every day. Success is a battle between YOU and YOURSELF only.”


  2. Congratulations!!! I found this quote and thought it was a good one :o)
    “There will be so many times you feel like you’ve failed, but in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child you are a super mom!”
    Congrats again!


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