Mommyhood Changes You

It’s no surprise that becoming a mommy changes you. We all know about the obvious physical changes such as weight gain. It was a hard fought battle, but my weight is now back down to where it was pre-marriage! Woohoo! Many of you may have heard about some of the more common emotional changes. For example, experiencing postpartum depression after the baby’s born. Well, today I’d like to talk about some of the more unique changes that I’ve experienced that don’t really fit into a category.

Before becoming a mommy, I used to feel, for lack of a better term, “grossed out” when I would see children kiss their parents on the lips.  To me it just seemed too sloppy. Well, you guessed it: once I had my daughter, those notions of grossness and sloppiness changed for me. Her little lips are so precious when she puckers them and it’s adorable when she leans in for a smooch.  I am no longer repulsed by baby kisses on the mouth.

Being a subscriber to a few pregnancy and/or baby websites and blogs, I receive lots of information about breastfeeding. I don’t know if this sounds strange, but I feel so much loving emotion in seeing a baby breastfeeding.  It reminds me of the same closeness I felt with Emily during that stage of her babyhood.  It’s empowering knowing that you are feeding your baby with your body! It is also such a loving feeling having your baby snuggle with you.

I am now less clumsy. I don’t think I’ve always been clumsy, but for the first couple years of our marriage my husband was always amazed that I somehow wasn’t injured more often. Since becoming pregnant and having a baby, I can say that I feel far less clumsy. Logically, I am sure much of the change had to do with protecting myself and unborn baby. But my baby is now 20-months-old and I still feel like I don’t stub my toe, trip over my own feet, etc as much anymore. Believe me, I am glad for the change!

My life has been marked by alternating periods of shyness and self-doubt to boldness and confidence. I have lately found myself in a state of equilibrium of both shyness and confidence. While I don’t quite have the amount of nerve or courage I would like, I have realized a new-found confidence in myself that came from giving birth (without meds!) and successfully raising (so far!) a fellow human being. I don’t call my blog “Mommyhood and Moxie” for nothin’! 🙂

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