Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters W to Z

Here’s the conclusion of the Mommyhood Dictionary I started a few weeks back. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!


  • walk (v): You took your first steps when you were 14 months old. Your Nana and I were enjoying a couple of days at the beach with you (your Daddy stayed home). You learned rather quickly once you started. I was so proud of you!


  • xylophone (n): You like playing this baby musical instrument and you’re pretty good at it. The rainbow-colored bars got your attention, but the notes that you play are what keep your interest.


  • year (n): I am so amazed at how quickly the time has gone; one minute you’re a newborn, the next you’ve turned a year old! So many wonderful milestones were accomplished and joyous memories were created in those 365 days.  Now, you are already a year and a half old! I know the years will soon begin to blur together and that makes me sad. 
  • yoga (n): Being in good shape mentally and physically was important to me when I was pregnant with you. Taking prenatal yoga classes helped, plus I got to meet some other nice yoga mommies. We are all still friends and their babies are your friends for play-dates.


  • zoo (n): The first time we took you to the local zoo, you were not really impressed. Slowly, you are starting to notice and pay better attention to the animals, and your Daddy (the scientist of the house) just loves it. The elephants are your favorites right now. On a related note, even though you are the only child in the house, some days it feels like a zoo around here.

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