Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters M to Q

Here’s a continuation of the Mommyhood Dictionary that I started a couple weeks ago.


  • mother (n and v): Becoming a mother has been one of my greatest accomplishments. It all seems so natural for me to be in this role and I pray that I am doing my job well with you, Emily.


  • naptime (n): No one ever told me that one of the things I would cherish about motherhood is when baby takes her naps! An average of forty minutes per nap, two times a day, that I can rest, get things done, etc!
  • nursing (v): It was so amazing for me to be able to feed you with my body! It was such a wonderful bonding experience to hold you close, smell your skin, and stroke your hair. I always smile when I see other mothers nursing their babies.


  • October (n): This was the month you were born. Even though your due date was October 25, I was worried you might be late. I didn’t want you to be a Halloween baby. Apparently you didn’t want to be one either, because you graced the world with your presence about 2 weeks early on October 10.


  • pregnancy (n):  For some women, pregnancy can be an uncomfortable, unpleasant 9 months. I was quite fortunate that my pregnancy wasn’t bad at all. I always found it amazing that I was growing a tiny human inside of me and I researched through countless books and websites about pregnancy. It’s a time of my life that I feel very blessed to have experienced.


  • quickening (n): I was able to identify your movements with certainty when I was around 22 weeks pregnant.  Your hiccups were what I felt first. Next were the kicks and turns. You would often stretch out one of your legs and I would frequently feel your foot pressing against my uterus. A few weeks after you were born, I had phantom pains where I would still feel that little foot of yours.

*Please return next week for the continuation of this blog…

2 thoughts on “Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters M to Q

  1. Not a mommy (and, as a college student, it doesn’t look like I will be anytime soon!!!) but I love this idea of a mommyhood dictionary. It is so creative: AWESOME JOB 🙂


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