Mommyhood Dictionary: Letters A to F

I recently read a book called The Lover’s Dictionary. It is unlike any book I have ever read and it was beautifully written, so I was inspired to create my own mommy-themed dictionary for my blog.  I will try to break it down to 5 or 6 letters per post.


  • always (adv): Even when you become a sassy teenager, I will love you for all of my life.


  • baby bump (n):  Looking at photos of the progression of my pregnant belly and going back to those memories of pregnancy is something I cherish.  You were obviously real, but we still had to imagine what you looked like, how big you were growing, etc.
  • board book (n):  My heart fills with so much joy to see you “reading” one of your board books.  Although you are only a year and a half old, you already know how to orient the book correctly so that the words are the right side up. You study each page and your quizzical brow goes up and down as you look at the words and the pictures.


  • charley horse (n):  I had the worst charley horse (leg cramp) of my life while I was pregnant with you. In the middle of the night, I woke up screaming and could not flex my leg.  I think I even scared the dog awake. Luckily, your Daddy rescued me and we were all able to go back to sleep.
  • childproofing (v):  I know it’s for your own safety, but childproofing the house seems pointless when you somehow manage to find every possible small item to choke on or dangerous hazard there is, anyhow.


  • diaper (n and v):  We thought we would help save the planet by putting you in cloth diapers and so we registered for them. No one gave us any, which I took as a sign.  We were grateful to receive tons of disposable diapers at your baby showers, some of which were made from recycled and/or earth-friendly, sustainable materials. This made us feel good, even if it did look like we had diapered you in a brown paper bag.


  • epidural (n): Having a baby HURTS! An epidural would have been awesome, but alas, it didn’t happen. In retrospect, the pain was worth it; you helped me to learn that I am a tougher woman than I had previously thought. However,  if we decide to give you a brother or sister, I am definitely getting an epidural.


  • fallible (adj): I cannot promise that I will be the “perfect” mother. I have already made a few mistakes and I am sure I will make more as you get older.  I will, however, try to be the best mother that I can be for you!
  • funny (adj): Right now, you think everything I do is comical. Your Daddy is pretty hilarious, too. It will be a sad day for us when you no longer think we are funny, but find us embarrassing or annoying instead.

*Please return next week for the continuation of this blog…

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