This one is more about moxie than about mommyhood.

Earlier today, I went snowboarding for the first time! It’s been on my “bucket-list” for years and I finally decided to try it. My mom babysat Emily for the day, and so my husband and I headed up through the mountains to China Peak, which is one of the nearest ski resorts. We took the snowboarding class and quickly realized we were not naturals at it! It didn’t help that there were children a few feet away that were catching on rather quickly. Perhaps they had less fear of breaking something. At any rate, it was a fun day. I’m already pretty sore from all the falls I had, but I’m glad I gave it a go. That’s right, this mommy’s got moxie!

Snowboarding moxie! Only thing missing is a Mountain Dew in my hand.

Snowboarding moxie! The only thing missing is a Mountain Dew in my hand.

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