The Female Ritual of Baby Showers

One female ritual that I am glad hasn’t disappeared from society is the baby shower. What a joy it is for a group of women of various ages to come together to oh and ah over adorable baby gifts, play silly games, reminisce about their own baby showers, and bestow valuable wisdom upon the soon-to-be mother! I was fortunate to have been thrown two baby showers in my honor when I was pregnant with Emily. We were so blessed to receive so many well-wishes, gifts, and thoughtful advice from everyone!

The first was attended by my female coworkers and hosted by two of my friends who also used to work with us (I could have invited the male coworkers, but I didn’t think they would have enjoyed it as much.). It was a pink and brown polka-dot themed baby shower. ย Absolutely adorable!


Here’s a photo of one of the hostesses, Felicia, and me with the cake. Coincidentally, we were both pregnant and due within a week of each other!


I really liked this display the other hostess, Karen, set up using baby pictures of my husband and me. We used this same display in my other baby shower. She included a blank scrapbook page that the guests signed. I’ve put it in Emily’s scrapbook and it’s so wonderful to read all of the touching messages.

My other baby shower was a friends and family event. It was hosted by my best friend, Vicki. The theme of this one was baby safari because that is the theme we went with for Emily’s nursery.


One of my sisters-in-law, Krystal, made this cute cake.


I’m glad I had a girl because she got some adorable outfits! We were also set with diapers for the first 5 months of Emily’s life, so that was a great gift to receive from everyone.

My husband had a “Man Shower.” He and his friends took some of the traditional baby shower games and gave them a masculine edge. ย He even got a cake of his own, which is shown below. I was touched that so many of his friends brought gifts for the baby!

Here's the cake my sister-in-law made for Ramon's "Man Shower."

Here’s the cake my sister-in-law made for Ramon’s “Man Shower.”

Guys, don’t let your wife have all of the baby shower fun. Have a “Man Shower!” You’ll have a great time with your friends and maybe even score more loot for that kid of yours that’s on the way.

So now I’ve experienced all 3 aspects of a baby shower: guest, hostess, and mommy-of-honor. All are nice, but being lavished with attention was the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

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