Life as I knew it changed once I became pregnant. The higher-level-thinking part of my brain seemed to have shut down in order to redirect all of its energy into the rest of my body, which was creating my baby. Little did I know that the ability to have rational thought would take MONTHS to come back to me (my daughter is almost 15 months old). As it is now finally returning more and more these days, my poor mind has been flooded with ideas, thoughts, concerns, etc.  I’ve always liked writing about myself (such as in a journal) as a way to organize my thoughts and try to make some sense of my life.  So, I decided to start this blog.

I figure it would be best to start with some sort of back-story so you get to know me and, hopefully, to appreciate the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of this first time mother and blogger. But that will be in my next post (which I hope you will come back and read). As for this post, I am going to end it with a little information about my blog’s title. Mommyhood is the joyful, scary, surprising, frustrating, loving, indescribable journey I am currently experiencing. Moxie means courage, nerve, spirit… To be a mom definitely takes moxie. I haven’t always been very brave in my small life, but I figure it’s not too late. And so as I raise my child, I am also venturing to raise this “brain-child” of mine with some moxie.

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